Land art

We realize objects and sculptures in Land Art (forest art, nature art, nature art). We used materials that occur or can be found in nature to create our objects that remain in place. We only use dead tree trunks, branches, twigs and other natural materials that we find in the vicinity of our art location. 

These can be boats, nests or abstract sculptures.

Please inquire about dates and costs by email.

Nature Art

We work with natural materials, cast in wax or sorted and applied to paper or canvas. We make sketches and drawings. We draw with charcoal on tracing paper and layer layers to give the pictures a three-dimensional effect.

Please inquire about dates and costs by email.

where to stay

Red Haven Cottage

Our workshops take place in Jämtbygget, just 15 minutes' walk from B&B Red Haven Cottage. We recommend this beautiful B&B for your stay. You can find information and prices here on the website.